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Let's build the worst Event Sourcing system!

2024-06-01 oskar dudycz.NET

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Everyone likes to talk about best practices. I went the other way around and gathered all the worst practices on how to build the worst Event Sourcing system. Was it easy?

It was not, as building the worst Event Sourcing system, we cannot cheat and just go with Event Streaming rebranding the name. What to do next?

Check the recording of my talk at NDCLondon 2024 where I told the story of the project Franz: the worst Event Sourcing system.

Jokes aside. Event Sourcing is perceived as a complex pattern that’s challenging to learn. In fact, it’s pretty simple, but the common misconception and the way it’s taught may lead to such a conclusion. By going through the worst ideas, I wanted to show the essence of Event Sourcing. I went through the massive set of internet articles and gathered the worst of them. Unfortunately, this wasn’t hard, as there were a lot of misconceptions spread around.

That was probably the hardest talk I gave so far from the presenting technique. I tried to be funny but not silly. The narrative has a few twists and is a bit inverted. But well, I think that not only attendees but also the speaker need to have some fun from time to time!

If you want to know how to do it and get a quick start, then check my NDC Oslo talk:

Or articles on this blog like Event Streaming is not Event Sourcing! where I tackled the most common misconception.

If you need more one-to-one help contact me!, I’m open for consultancy. Check also my workshops page for more end-to-end learning opportunity.



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