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2023-11-30 oskar dudyczCoding Life


I’m always saying that the Marten community is one of the things that keeps me doing Open Source and staying in the .NET community. It’s really welcoming and supportive. Of course, there are distinctions to the rule, but they’re rare enough.

At the time of writing, we have almost 1000 users on our Discord. It’s a nice place to be, not only for bug reports but also for discussions around architecture and software design. If you’re not yet there, come and join us!.

So we’re trying to stay close to our users, and I think we’re doing a decent job on that, but there’s something we could do better: understanding the specific use cases, being more proactive, and learning what they precisely do. Also, getting more case studies on the domain products they built.

That should help to:

  • keep closer human-to-human relationships with our users,
  • building features more suitable for their needs,
  • providing better services, also paid ones to help them deliver business value faster with better resiliency.
  • showing other new people what can be done with Marten and who uses it.

So, if you’re our user, I have a small request: could you fill out this short survey?

Thank you in advance!

We’d really appreciate that. I genuinely believe it should help you and us get even better synergy.

We’re also planning to reach out to the people who filled out the survey to get on the video call and learn from each other even better.



p.s. Ukraine is still under brutal Russian invasion. A lot of Ukrainian people are hurt, without shelter and need help. You can help in various ways, for instance, directly helping refugees, spreading awareness, putting pressure on your local government or companies. You can also support Ukraine by donating e.g. to Red Cross, Ukraine humanitarian organisation or donate Ambulances for Ukraine.

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Event-Driven by Oskar Dudycz
Oskar Dudycz For over 15 years, I have been creating IT systems close to the business. I started my career when StackOverflow didn't exist yet. I am a programmer, technical leader, architect. I like to create well-thought-out systems, tools and frameworks that are used in production and make people's lives easier. I believe Event Sourcing, CQRS, and in general, Event-Driven Architectures are a good foundation by which this can be achieved.