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Could you help me by filling a short survey about an online course?

2023-08-11 oskar dudyczEvent Sourcing

I realised that I could do more to help you and other folks.

I’ve been sharing online content for free in the last few years on this blog, self-paced kits, and OSS works.

I know that it helped many folks, but…

But I still feel I could do more and provide structured material to take you through the learning journey fully.

Of course, you can order a workshops or consultancy to get that. Yet, that’s not scaling enough, I have limited time, and I’d like to share my experience with you and more people. Giving also space for taking time and learning on your own with the preferred pace.

I prepared a short survey; I know that your time is precious, but it’ll help me a lot if you share your feedback with me:

Thank you a lot in advance!

I’ll also extremely appreciate resharing it with your friends or leaving comments here!



p.s. Ukraine is still under brutal Russian invasion. A lot of Ukrainian people are hurt, without shelter and need help. You can help in various ways, for instance, directly helping refugees, spreading awareness, putting pressure on your local government or companies. You can also support Ukraine by donating e.g. to Red Cross, Ukraine humanitarian organisation or donate Ambulances for Ukraine.

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Event-Driven by Oskar Dudycz
Oskar Dudycz For over 15 years, I have been creating IT systems close to the business. I started my career when StackOverflow didn't exist yet. I am a programmer, technical leader, architect. I like to create well-thought-out systems, tools and frameworks that are used in production and make people's lives easier. I believe Event Sourcing, CQRS, and in general, Event-Driven Architectures are a good foundation by which this can be achieved.