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Announcing Emmett! Take your event-driven applications back to the future!

2024-02-11 oskar dudyczEvent Sourcing


Simple is not easy. Each person has its definition of it. For me, it means that when I look at the solution, I think: “So simple. Why didn’t I come up with it?”. That also means that it’s straightforward to understand.

In recent years, I went down the rabbit hole trying to explain to you and other readers that Event Sourcing and CQRS can be effective and simple. I wrote hundreds of articles, delivered samples in multiple languages and worked on tooling like Marten and EventStoreDB. I’m also doing workshops and consultancy.

Why do I do it? I don’t want to be a content creator or influencer. That’s not my goal. I just saw in my projects that Event Sourcing and CQRS are working and helping to build better applications. If applied in a simple way, they not only do not bring additional complexity but are cutting it.

Again, simple is not easy. But why?

Because it requires a lot of iterations and experience, it’s hard to learn from other people’s mistakes. Reading blogs is kinda like trying to do it. Thanks to that, you can avoid some, but not all. Wouldn’t it be nice to be walked through by hand sometimes?

Event Sourcing in CQRS having the guidance is easier than in other approaches. They have common and repeatable patterns like:

  • you read events and build the state from them,
  • you take this state and command and run business logic on them returning event or multiple events,
  • you append those events to the event stream,
  • rinse, repeat.

But well, you can always forget about it, or your colleague.

That’s why I decided to release Emmett. I gathered a catalogue of Node.js and TypeScript patterns in my blog and sample repository.

You can already use it by calling:

npm add @event-driven-io/emmett

It already has the first set of documentation: check here.

Why Node.js and TypeScript?

For me, it’s the environment I feel the most effective in. I like its minimalistic approach and flexibility, plus TypeScript is an excellent language with its shapeshifter capabilities. It doesn’t require much boilerplate; it cuts the cognitive load, so it aligns with my current vision of building applications.

Why Emmett?

Because I want to take your event-driven applications back to the future!.

Is it production-ready?

Kinda. What is here is already usable, but you’ll need to wait for the full production experience in all essential aspects.

What features does it have?

Essential building blocks for designing and running business and application logic like:

  • typings around events, commands, Deciders, Workflows, etc.
  • command handling wrappers for the application layer,
  • basic, in-memory event store implementation.

What features will it have?

We’ll see, but I’d like to have the following at some point:

  • building blocks for the Web Apis with Event Sourcing and CQRS,
  • implementation of event store using EventStoreDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.
  • abstractions for building read models,
  • building blocks for integration and running distributed processes,
  • built-in open telemetry,
  • GraphQL API for event stores,
  • Full stack development helpers with Next.js or HTMX,
  • running it serverless or on the web with SQLite,
  • streaming data through HTTP API (and enabling integration scenarios through it).
  • defining event transformations and projections with WebAssembly,
  • etc.

Would it be a competitor to other stores?

Probably not. For now, I’d like to have a safe playground to have fun, experiment and try out new ideas. Still, I expect what I deliver to be safe to use in production.

Why there’s no license?

Because I’m unsure how this will end, and I don’t want to expose it as an MIT license from the beginning.

So try it on your own, have fun and send me feedback!

Join our Discord to be a part of building it!

See also a follow up articles on Emmett:

Read also more about Node.js and Event Sourcing to get what I want to provide out of the box:



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